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Big Bags
You are best off buying big bags from Agrijute Dumarché, the French specialist with more than 30 years of experience in this field. Standard product range available off-the-shelf at any time. Would you ... 
Big Bag Rack Systems
Big bag handling must be done professionally or there is a great danger of accidents otherwise. For this reason, we offer certified storage systems for all kinds of application areas. In addition, the ... 
Polypropylene woven Bags
We offer woven fabric bags in many sizes with various fabric qualities from 56/m2 (extra light) to 150g/m2 (extra heavy). The bags are mostly kept in the standard colour white but they can also be ordered ... 
Paper Bags & Pouches
We have sacks and bags available for you that are made of different materials, have various designs and come in different sizes for packing all feasible kinds of bulk goods. Whether paper sacks or paper ... 
Fruits & Vegetables Packaging
Mesh sacks in a variety of colours and sizes, single, shrink-wrapped or stitched, and on rollers for packaging machines. These are particularly suitable for packaging potatoes, onions, cabbage, leek, nuts. ... 
Firewood Packaging
Sack packaging for firewood, mesh sacks, heavy-duty jute bags and paper carrying bags that can also get a custom print, and even ventilated big bags for wood as well as a great variety of accessories for ... 
Jute Products
For more than 50 years we have been dealing with jute products and their various applications. Be it sacks, fabrics or yarns, as standard goods or custom made - jute products are more topical than ever ... 
natural Geotextiles
Natural geotextiles, felts, mats & nets are indispensable aids in the fight against soil erosion and in the renaturation after large construction projects. We offer you a wide range of jute nets, coconut ...